Cap Harbor Property Management, LLC.




Mission Statement

CapHarbor Property Management, LLC ("CapHarbor") is a full service real estate management company specializing in asset and property management of tenant in common, partnership, fund and REIT owned properties.  Our focus is the preservation of capital, increasing the value of the property and providing current income from that investment.


"As a full-service commercial real estate firm, we have found there is one overarching constant that ultimately creates lasting value: 


This company-wide perspective influences everything we do.  Our strong links with clients, investors, associates, financial resources and vendors take us beyond a mindset of short-term transactions and into the arena of building long-term value."




CapHarbor has been providing investment management services for investors since 2002.  Services provided include leasing, asset and property management, accounting, project management, refinancing, capital solutions and asset disposition.

CapHarbor currently manages office, industrial, retail assets totaling in excess of 4 million square feet spanning 17 markets across the United States.

CapHarbor's asset, property management, accounting and investor relations are performed internally by CapHarbor staff. Leasing functions are managed and supervised by a CapHarbor team in partnership with market leasing experts for the submarkets in which a property is located.

Preparation  >>  Expertise >>  Execution