Cap Harbor Property Management, LLC.


Operation Shoebox Success

The CapHarbor Property Management, LLC team is committed to supporting our community.  We are proud to announce a successful campaign for Operation Shoebox 2012. Operation Shoebox was founded in 2003 to send support over to our men and women deployed outside of the USA to help raise their moral and let them know they are cared about. Operation Shoebox accomplishes this mission with care packages, letters, and bulk shipping of items that can be beneficial to them during their deployment. This organization is composed of over 1300 dedicated volunteers in three locations and also volunteers all across the USA. For six weeks our team members collected items ranging from hygiene products to playing cards to send to Our Troops. The items were received with smiles from the young men and women serving our country half way across the world. We send out our sincere gratitude to all those that heeded the call for help and contributed to our collections. CapHarbor would also like to extend a genuine THANK YOU to our veterans and to those serving our country today! For more information visit www.operationshoebox.com.

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